Essay On Participation Is Important Than Winning


Parents always think of their child being the best in the world. They think only of winning. But, they don’t realize that wining is not important but participating and learning things is. Success is not always about winning but being happy with the achievements and abilities. Parents should always take care about how they respond to their child’s attempts in any field and this will define the word success for him and eventually determine the spirit with which he will lead the rest of his life. Therefore it is important to appreciate his efforts and encourage him to participate.

Each child is different. One child may excel in class, the other may be good in some other field. So parents should never expect the child to succeed in every task. This will create undue pressure on him.

If you just emphasize on winning, the child may develop a fear of failure and may refuse to participate or he may become over ambitious and may not be able to take failures in his life. Participating helps the child to find out his own positives and negatives. It helps the child to expand his boundaries and explore more.

Parents should never show their emotions if they are dishearten on their losing. They should always show that they are glad at his attempt. Parent’s reaction can either make or break a child’s confidence. Make your child concentrate on his own work rather than how others are preparing or what others are doing.

It is wrong to comment on the judgement or about the result. Unfair or biased result should never be discussed with them. This will induce negative emotions of envy, jealousy, anger towards the people performing better than him. Encouragement by the parents is important at each step. It is important that parents encourage their children to participate, without the fear of outcome. This will help your child to discover his hidden qualities, make him confident and infuse in him the enthusiasm to explore and try new things.

Keep Learning Keep Growing -Team Aimuno

We should enjoy process more

Postby Judy2004 » Sun Aug 15, 2004 6:42 am

It is true that taking part in Olympic Game is more important than winning,which conforms to one old saying that we should pay more attention to process and enjoy it rather than results.As we know,result is the consequence of the prevous process and just a thing of one moment. Result may be good or bad,it partly depends on man and partly is out of man's control, like another chinese proverb that how to try to have things well done is up to man,but whether it succeeds or not is decided by God.In addition, result only stands for the past and does not have any significant relation with the future.Compared with result,process is the duration of operation and intense activities from which we can improve our understanding and insight,enjoy ourselves, make necessary analysises, know the nature and the world and ourselves,work out how to convert failure into success.this is the most important and wonderful experience for us.
Though I agree with this statement entirely,I still hope our chinese team win more gold medals in the ongoing 28th Olympic Game.


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