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Could your child be dehydrated? Symptoms of mild dehydration include thirst, unexplained tiredness, irritability, headache, dry mouth, dizziness, and in some cases insomnia. When you're thirsty you drink? What if you did not know how to relieve your thirst? Parents have told us often that their child does not drink sufficiently and does not seem to be even thirsty. Monitor the amount of fluid your child absorbs, simply by pouring his drinks from his own bottle.

Try this to help with sensory overload. Children with autism have the same visual cortex as neuro-typical children. One of their difficulties with making eye contact comes from their retaining all visual information without the capacity to sort out only what is needed. Improving sensory translation is successful by prompting natural increase of brain serotonin production. Soft touch of interesting textures on the palms of the hands is one simple technique you can use.

Take a moment to #smell & #touch the roses. It's even better for the #brain. For more info about Mendability and how to do Sensory Enrichment at home: http://www.mendability.com

Tip to Help your child with autism soothe himself in a way that promotes brain health. Apply his favorite scent to his favorite stuffy or toy. What scent are you are going to use? -- Animal and human studies show that smelling pleasant fragrances improves mood, learning and even helps support the growth of new brain cells.

Sensory Enrichment

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